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1. a factual written account of important or historical events in the order of their occurrence.

The Chronicles of San Diego Podcast - Episode 6: FreeTime with FreeMind619

The Chronicles of San Diego Podcast - Episode 6: FreeTime with FreeMind619

Welcome back to the Chronicles of San Diego Podcast! This is a show all about San Diego and the various different individuals, businesses, events, civic and cultural issues that represent the spirit of America’s Finest City.

Today I'm joined by a guy who goes by the name FreeMind619. His real name is Scott, but he insisted I save his contact as FreeMind619 so... I did.

I first came across FreeMind619 on Twitter a few months back when I was doing some research into San Diego's hip hop music community. It was shortly after I kicked off the Chronicle and I was curious about what kind of native sound San Diego had to offer.

After silently following on Twitter for a while, I finally was prompted to action when I took issue with a tweet of his that I disagreed with.

A few weeks later a story in the San Diego Reader that mentioned that same tweet I disagreed with caught the attention of a friend of mine who brought it to my attention.

That kicked off a conversation that culminated with me paying a visit to the home studio where Scott Manichanh aka FreeMind619 produces his craft.

We talk about both the creative and the business side of the local hip hop scene. We talk about the different neighborhoods and gang affiliations in San Diego. We talk about the unique pace that so many San Diegans seem to prefer to live life at and the philosophy that seems to drive the city.

This conversation is a lot different from any of the previous episodes, and please be warned that there is quite a bit of strong language that I decided not to edit out. If you enjoy the show, please please please be sure to get in touch on social media with any and all feedback. You can find us @TheSDChronicle on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

Please leave a rating/review on whatever platform you consume this podcast on, and keep an eye on the website sdchronicle.org for the latest content from around San Diego!

Without further adieu, please enjoy this latest episode of the Chronicles of San Diego Podcast.

If you'd like to get in touch with FreeMind619, check out his channels on YouTube, Twitter and Spotify.

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