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Politics in the Pub LIVE - The Future Of Civic Technology

This was an amazing episode where we got to hear from some pretty innovative technologists including Ben Katz Chief Architect at, ex Googler and UCSD prof Lilly Irani, equity coder Oren Robinson and Vilavanh Sanginthirath from Innovations City about what to expect in the next few years and beyond as the campaign shifts from traditional media to a new digital battleground and how tech such as VR/AR/AI are shaping up as gamechangers for organizers the world over.

The Chronicles of San Diego Podcast: All Hail The Mighty Thunderhawk

In this episode, Chronicle contributor Denzel Walkes sits down with co-founder Jonathan Barbarin to talk about the origins of Thunderhawk Alements, the process that Jonathan and his business partner Bill Lindsay went through to execute the build out of their facility, some of the bullsh*t hipster beer culture that has sprung up around San Diego, the dearth of diversity in the industry and much more.

Politics in the Pub LIVE - The Future of Unionism

America needs a new kind of labor movement. What that looks like, well we’ll leave that to our panel to share. In this episode we are joined by some emerging leaders from the movement including Satomi Rash-Ziegler from the AFL-CIO, Nate Fairman from the IBEW and Maggie Ta from the SEIU.

All three panelists share a deep understanding of what’s at stake for workers in this post-janus world and they aren't afraid to put forward bold, innovative ideas to drive the most audacious of comebacks.