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TKF United - Stadium Talk That Rocks: Original Supporters Group vs San Diego Stadium Coalition

Jason’s group recently endorsed the SDSU plan and that kicked off a great back and forth about both Measures G and E. The conversation revolved around the city’s lack of leadership, the future of SDSU in our community, whether or not the window for MLS expansion will close, and the possibility of the Chargers or the NFL coming back to town.

Yearning for a Professional Soccer Team in San Diego after an MLS Experience in Portland

Of course, in recent months, any conversation regarding a professional soccer team in San Diego tends to (unfortunately) be political. With competing ballot initiatives from SoccerCity and SDSU for a highly valuable tract of land in Mission Valley, these conversations will only continue to be more publicly charged as we get closer to the November election. With that in mind, we’ll save the number-crunching, the political drama and the tiresome minutiae of each plan for another article.