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Nathan Fletcher Promotes San Diego Regional Film Office

Nathan Fletcher Promotes San Diego Regional Film Office

This past Tuesday I stopped by an event at the world famous Kansas City Barbeque to listen to Nathan Fletcher address members of San Diego’s film community. Fletcher was there to promote his race for County Board of Supervisors, but also to advocate for a regional film office that would enable and encourage production of film based projects all across San Diego.

According to Fletchers’s website, this proposed film office will feature the following items to encourage film production in San Diego:

  • An innovative website that features robust resources including access to all regional permitting sites

  • Support for regional film friendly hotel accommodations and discounts with area restaurants, businesses and mobility providers

  • Co-branding opportunities with local businesses and organizations

  • Support Comic-Con events and culture

  • Benefit of utilizing the State of California’s $330 Million Dollar Tax Incentives

The film office can also assist with production by providing the following technical services: 

  • A digital location library to include 360 panoramic views and video

  • One stop shop for permitting across multiple jurisdictions

  • No cost online permitting

  • Incentive for Green Filming

  • Dedicated community and municipal film liaison(s)

  • Expedited access for filing on City, County and Port properties

  • Implement a model film ordinance such as LA County’s that helps create streamlined policy rules for their jurisdiction

  • Digital Makers Initiative - For low impact filming

  • Strong community relations that partner with communities to ease and mitigate any issues that may arise from filming

  • Database of filming location images

  • Economic Impact from Film Los Angeles to show the potential impact on San Diego


“As a kid I worked in a movie theater,” Fletcher explained to the assembled audience. “I was a janitor and then I was a projectionist and I really enjoyed movies and I loved it. I appreciate the skill it takes to create. I don’t have those skills but I respect them.”

When Fletcher was in the State Assembly, he co-authored the film tax credit that Governor Jerry Brown recently extended, providing incentives for cities like San Diego to grow their own film industries.

The San Diego working waterfront provides one of the most compelling and picturesque scenes on the West Coast. Along with our military installations, we have a unique opportunity to partner with the film industry to stimulate movie making in our region. - San Diego Port Commission Chairman, Rafael Castellanos

In addition to being a mechanism to develop the local work force, this regional film office could function as a marketing arm for San Diego, as Fletcher explained in a video he recorded at Kansas City Barbeque some months back.

With commitments from the Port Commission and the Airport Authority, Fletcher’s dream of a centralized location for studios, actors, directors, producers and more to work with may not be too far away.

San Diego celebrates our vibrant communities and diverse culture. Through a regional film office, we can stimulate the development of more films and share our stories with the world. - Imperial Beach Councilman and Airport Authority Member Mark West. 

Before any of these goals can be achieved though, Fletcher’s focus is on the November election where he faces for San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis for the 4th District seat of the County Board of Supervisors.

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