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Politics in the Pub LIVE - The Future Of Civic Technology

This was an amazing episode where we got to hear from some pretty innovative technologists including Ben Katz Chief Architect at, ex Googler and UCSD prof Lilly Irani, equity coder Oren Robinson and Vilavanh Sanginthirath from Innovations City about what to expect in the next few years and beyond as the campaign shifts from traditional media to a new digital battleground and how tech such as VR/AR/AI are shaping up as gamechangers for organizers the world over.

Climate Action Plan Neglected in Midway Community Plan Update

The Community Plan Update sees the area re-zoned for more than 10,000 additional housing units and includes several new roads, 30 acres of new parkland, trails for walking and biking and seeks to connect San Diego Bay to Mission Bay, a new recreation center for future residents and a vibrant entertainment area that incorporates a mix of entertainment, office, retail, housing and park space to be potentially developed with the existing Sports Arena, with a new Sports Arena or even without a Sports Arena.